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We are a voice for all who need us. We work to ensure the safety of women, girls, minorities and LGBTQIA+ individuals, so they can live in a world free from violence. We fight for equality, diversity and justice. Through research, events, training, social media engagement and collaborations, we protect the rights of those who suffer discrimination.

Fighting for gender equality under the law.

We want equality at the heart of our justice system…

But right now we live in an unequal society

Did you know that...?

Abortion is a criminal offence subject to strict exceptions

Public sexual harassment is not a specific criminal offence

The gender pay gap in the UK is 15.4%

Migrant women have no recourse to public funds

Rape has become de-criminalised

Period products are not freely available in England and Wales

We want to live in a world where

Migrant women’s rights are protected

Disabled women are treated with respect and dignity

Victims and survivors are supported and protected through the law

Violence against women and girls is eradicated

Our mission, through policy advocacy, is to highlight inequalities that women and girls and marginalised people suffer in society and raise awareness of the legal protections available to support them. Our research is open access and free to use. We work to educate others about existing rights that protect the most vulnerable in our society. Right to Equality collaborates with other charities to further our mission of gender equality and diversity. We won’t stop until we achieve a society where all women and girls can enjoy equality and fairness.

This is how we will achieve gender equality