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Firstly, feminism seeks to create a society that is conducive to the advancement of both sexes. As such, it helps to create opportunities for men as well as women. This means that by being a feminist, men can help create an environment where everyone has the same chance to succeed and reach their goals regardless of gender. Without this kind of equal opportunity, men can be held back from achieving their full potential due to outdated gender roles or discrimination against certain groups. 

In addition, feminism also helps to combat sexism which can be detrimental to both sexes. For example, when a woman is passed over for a job promotion due to her gender rather than her qualifications or experience, this is an act of sexism that harms not only her but also all other women who are similarly qualified but lack the same opportunity due to their gender alone. Similarly, when boys are told they cannot cry or express emotion as freely as girls because it is seen as ‘unmanly’ this can also be damaging as it reinforces toxic notions of masculinity which can lead to unhealthy behavior in adulthood. 

Furthermore, feminism strives for equality between genders in terms of rights and responsibilities within society. This means that when laws are fair and equal for both sexes it helps create a better world for everyone. For example, when men take on an active role in raising children and helping out with domestic tasks around the house it not only helps relieve some of the burden from women but also gives fathers more time with their children which can have many positive effects on family relationships and even mental health. 

Finally, feminism promotes respect between genders which is essential in creating healthy relationships between people from different backgrounds and experiences. By respecting each other’s differences we can foster understanding and empathy which leads to greater acceptance within our communities and ultimately a more harmonious society overall. 

In conclusion, all men should be feminists because feminism benefits everyone regardless of gender by creating equal opportunities for advancement across all areas of life; combating sexism; promoting equality between genders in terms of rights and responsibilities; and fostering respect between genders which leads to greater understanding and acceptance throughout our communities. Ultimately this creates a better world for all people regardless of their background or identity.