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Fighting for gender equality under the law

Paving the way for gender equality through impactful campaigns aimed at changing legislation.

Creating a society where gender equality is not just a dream, but a reality

The power of change.

Join us in our journey as we advocate for legal reforms that promote fairness and gender equality across the UK.

About us

Gender equality is not negotiable.

We’re on a relentless mission to ensure that every individual’s rights and opportunities are equal, regardless of gender.

Our mission

Right to Equality Podcast

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We empower all women all year round! Together we discuss pressing issues about cutting edge feminist politics and our fight for equality. Right to Equality is a space for curiosity, empowerment, education and laughter. Guest speakers range from political, campaigners, journalists, lawyers, psychologists and survivors. It takes a movement to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, change the world, let's start here.

Share Your Story

One of the most powerful tools we have is sharing our stories and relating to others. This helps us understand what we’ve been through and our stories can be a source of strength and encouragement for others. Sharing past experiences can be a powerful form of unity and empowerment.

We do not take on individual cases or provide legal services.

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