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Your Partner Disrespects You – If your partner is constantly belittling you, talking down to you or making jokes about you in front of other people then this is a sign of disrespect and it’s not healthy for any relationship. Disrespect can also include name-calling and making threats.
They Are Controlling – If your partner is trying to control every aspect of your life from what clothes you wear to who you hang out with, then this is a sign of controlling behavior which should not be tolerated in any relationship.
They Are Physically Abusive – Physical abuse is one of the clearest signs that a relationship has become unhealthy and should not be ignored or tolerated. If your partner is physically hurting you in any way, then this is not normal behavior and it’s time to seek help immediately.
They Make You Feel Guilty – Another sign of an unhealthy relationship is if your partner makes you feel guilty all the time for small things like going out with friends or spending money on yourself. This type of manipulation should never be tolerated as it can have damaging effects on your mental wellbeing over time. 
They Blame You for Everything – If your partner blames everything on you even when it’s clearly their fault, then this is a clear sign that they are attempting to manipulate or control the situation in order to maintain power over you. This type of blame game should never be accepted as it can lead to further emotional damage over time if left unchecked. 


It’s important to recognize these signs early so that you can take action before things get worse and seek professional help if necessary. Remember that no one deserves to be treated badly and there are resources available to help those who find themselves in an abusive situation whether that’s through counselling services or support groups in your area.